Backyard Fire Features

Backyard fire features are a luxurious addition to an outdoor living space. They warm up chilly fall nights, extend summer evenings with more light, and can bring friends and family together for an intimate evening of conversation.

Backyard Fire Features

To ensure safety, backyard fire features should be located at least 10 feet away from homes and structures with low-hanging branches. To make sure your backyard entertainment area is well-designed and safe, consult a landscape design expert. Click Here for more information.

A backyard fire pit is a classic way to create a warm and inviting gathering spot. Whether it’s a custom stone-clad one with cutouts and seats or a freestanding bioethanol version, the right design for your space will add an elegant, mesmerizing glow to your landscape.

When building a pit, it is important to think about safety first. Make sure it is positioned away from overhanging tree limbs and any other flammable surfaces. It’s also important to keep shrubbery, weeds and high grass at least 10 feet away from the pit. It is also a good idea to remove dry brush and leaves regularly to reduce the risk of an accidental fire.

Another fun option for a backyard fire feature is a bowl that can be used as a water fountain and heat source in one. These are available in a variety of shapes and materials from low-profile cast-concrete options to a custom sculptural copper “fire tower” that can cost up to $9,000.

The best thing about a bowl is its versatility. It can be placed in a variety of locations such as on a deck, patio or in the garden, providing there is a power supply and the proper precautions are taken. They are particularly popular around swimming pool areas as they can be a great focal point and provide warmth and comfort on chilly nights.

For a more rustic feel, consider a campfire style backyard fire feature. This type of heating element gives off major campground vibes and will have you breaking out the s’mores in no time. The best part about a campfire style fire feature is that it’s simple and easy to construct. It’s a great choice for those with limited space or who live in an area that doesn’t allow pits or outdoor fireplaces due to regulations.

Fire Columns

When you’re deciding on the perfect fire feature for your outdoor living space, there are several factors to consider. These include style, size and fuel type. For example, a wood burning fireplace offers a traditional ambiance that’s hard to beat. On the other hand, gas-fueled options are more environmentally friendly and require less maintenance.

Another option for backyard fire features is a fire column. A cousin to the fire pit and the fire table, a fire column is a tall, slim gas-powered cylindrical feature with a small spout or bowl of flame at the top. They are a good choice for people with limited yard space or who have a more contemporary design in mind.

There are many different types of fire columns on the market, from modern metal and cement looks to rustic stone-faced designs. You can even find models with a faux wood grain finish for an elegant yet natural look. Like most backyard fire features, they can be used to complement a patio or pool, create a focal point, or add a little extra warmth to an outdoor seating area.

Aside from visual appeal, there are a few other benefits of adding a backyard fire feature to your Sarasota landscape. For one, it increases the value of your home and can make a prospective buyer see your property as a desirable location to live. Additionally, a fire feature is a great way to entertain guests and keep the conversations going.

If you’re ready to add a backyard fire feature to your Sarasota property, contact us today. We’ll help you select a model that fits your lifestyle and accentuates the rest of your outdoor living space. We offer a variety of fire features, including enclosures, SRW/Paver kits, Pro Series and Stainless Steel burners and more. Each is designed with excellent quality and made in the USA, making them a long-lasting addition to your backyard. We’re also happy to custom design your fire feature to suit your exact vision. To get started, fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fire Tables

With the added warmth of flames, fire tables add ambiance to outdoor living spaces and are great for entertaining guests. They can also be used as a focal point to tie together the design of your landscape and make it more cohesive and welcoming. The variety of sizes, materials, and designs available mean that you can find a fire table to suit your space, style preferences, and budget.

Unlike fire pits, which are standalone elements, fire tables sit on top of a base and use a combination of fuel sources to create a natural looking glow. They can be fueled by propane, natural gas, wood, gel, or ethanol. They are also available in a wide range of shapes and styles to complement the design of your landscaping. For example, you can choose from square or round styles to complement the angular architecture of your patio. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider a stone or concrete fire table. These are a sturdy choice that will last for years.

If you want a more modern look, consider a metal fire table. This option is durable, lightweight, and comes in a variety of finishes to match the design of your patio furniture. Some models even feature a glass tabletop that protects the burner from the elements.

Another benefit of this type of fire table is that it is easier to control the flame height than a standard outdoor fireplace. With a simple press of a button, you can adjust the fire size to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for your guests. You can also choose a model with a flame sensing system, which monitors the presence of the flames and shuts off the gas flow if they are extinguished.

When choosing a fire table, you will also need to decide between a propane or natural gas model. Propane models are portable and work with a standard 20-lb tank that can be hidden under the base for convenience. Natural gas models are connected to the gas line of your home and will not be as portable, but they will provide you with a constant flame that is more energy efficient.

Custom Design

There’s nothing like kicking back with family and friends around a backyard fire feature. These cozy, meditative outdoor accessories give you an excuse to make s’mores a weekly tradition and add a stunning focal point to any landscape design. From classic wood-burning models to more environmentally friendly smoke-free versions that run on gas, the options are endless. Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect fire pit for your yard.

Rectangular and octagonal fire pits work well for social homeowners looking to create a gathering space. They’re ideal for a wide open yard that doesn’t require a fire-resistant patio. You can even accessorize them with grilling grates for a versatile addition that doubles as a backyard campfire and BBQ.

Whether you choose an open or closed pit, a bowl or a fireplace, your landscape designer will ensure the fire feature complements the rest of your property. They’ll look for factors such as placement, size and style of your home, the amount of available space in your backyard and any existing landscaping to help you decide on a shape and location.

If you’re planning a gas-burning fire pit, your landscape professional may recommend having a gas line trenched before any hardscape goes in. This allows them to install the fire feature closer to your house and reduce the cost of running a line across your backyard. Alternatively, you can opt for a liquid propane-burning model that doesn’t require a natural gas line.

A backyard sculpture doubles as a modern, wood-burning fire feature in this Toronto garden designed by Sylvie De Brabandere. The soaring steel structure is complemented by a tinted concrete table that holds a hollowed-out fire bed beneath. A remote switch lets homeowners turn the flames on and off without stepping outside—a convenient option for snowy winter evenings.

A custom backyard fire feature is the perfect way to bring people together and extend enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces past long summer nights, through the colorful leaves of fall and into the coziness of a winter chill. With help from a professional landscape design company, you can create an attention-grabbing backyard feature that will welcome your family and friends year-round.